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The Muddy Outdoors product line would not be complete if it was not for the comprehensive line of hunting safety harnesses. These tree stand safety harnesses offer industry-leading comfort, function, and above all safety while in the stand. The safety harness line offers hunting harnesses for men, women, and youth hunters. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit the weight and height of a hunter.  Check out the full line of safety harnesses below! Don’t forget to pair your safety harness with our lineman’s rope, safe-line, safety harness tree strap, and carabiner to stay connected to the tree during every moment of the hunt.

The Muddy Safeguard

The Muddy Safeguard hunting safety harness is by far our most popular harness. Its simple yet advanced design has a minimalistic approach. The harness provides comfort and safety without restricting a hunter’s movements while in a tree stand. The safeguard is available for men, women, and youth hunters.

Safeguard Harness Features

  • Flexible Tether for 360° Movement
  • Quick & Easy to Put On
  • Super Light! Sized to Fit, no Extra Bulk Provides SUPREME COMFORT!
  • One-Hand Carabiner
  • Extremely Gear Friendly, Keeps Everything Within Reach
  • Extra Cushion for all Day Hunt
  • Includes: safeguard harness, lineman’s rope, tree strap, suspension relief strap, and carabiner

Muddy Crossover Combo Harness

If you are looking for a cross between a minimal safety harness like the Muddy Safeguard and a vest style harness like the Top Flight Combo, the Muddy Crossover harness is a perfect fit you. The Muddy Crossover offers plenty of freedom for movement in the tree stand, but also provides pockets to store gear critical to your hunt.

Crossover Harness Features

  • Flexible Tether for 360° Movement
  • Quick & Easy to Put On
  • Adjustable Buckles for Sure Fit
  • One-hand Carabiner
  • 6 Pockets + Built-in Binocular Straps Keeps Everything Within Reach
  • Extra Cushion on Shoulders and Back for All Day Hunts

Muddy Top Flight Combo

The Top Flight Combo safety harness is the most functional harness in our line. It provides you with the secure feeling of a vest style harness, offering both binocular straps and 8 pockets to store gear in. If you are looking for a harness that can provide quick and easy access to essential items during the hunt, look no further than the Top Flight Combo harness.

Top Flight Combo Features

  • Quick & Easy to put on
  • Flexible Tether for 360° Movement
  • Quick-Set, One-hand Carabiner Clip
  • Binocular Straps for Convenient and Quick Access to Binoculars
  • 8 Spacious Pockets for Instant Access to Gear

Safety Harness Accessories  

Absolutely vital additions to any safety harness are the safety accessories that allow a hunter to stay connected to the tree. The most dangerous moments in the hunt are the climb up and back down out of the tree stand, hanging the tree stand, and of course actively hunting when a hunter’s mind can be preoccupied. The Muddy Safe-Line, Lineman’s Rope, Safety Harness Carabiner, and Tree Strap are critical accessories you must pair with your safety harness while hunting.


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