Shed Hunting | The Pros and Cons of Finding “Dead Heads”

Shed Hunting | The Pros And Cons Of Finding “dead Heads”

What You Should Do When You Find “Dead Heads” | Shed Hunting C.S.I. Shed hunting provides you with an amazing opportunity to spend some time outdoors during the late winter months and really begin to take inventory of your deer herd.  Shed antlers can tell a story about the dynamics of the deer herd on […]

Increase Your Shed Hunting Success with Supplemental Feeders

Increase Your Shed Hunting Success With Supplemental Feeders

How Supplemental Feeders Can help With Shed Hunting We’re sure you’re aware of it at this point, but shed hunting season is definitely here again. You’ve likely been getting text messages or social media updates from friends or coworkers who have found a couple shed antlers already. You’re also probably itching to get out in […]

Using Trail Cameras to Figure Out When to Start Shed Hunting

Using Trail Cameras To Figure Out When To Start Shed Hunting

Increasing Your Odds at Shed Hunting With Trail Cameras Deer hunting season has ended but another season is just starting. This season has tremendous interest right now, making it a sport all of its own. We are talking about shed hunting and its season is starting right now. Whitetail deer sheds command huge paydays for […]