Keep Scrape Cameras Going For Late Season Success

Keep Scrape Cameras Going For Late Season Success

Don’t Touch that Camera During October and November, many hunters use game cameras to monitor scrapes. The scrapes may be natural initially made from a nearby buck or a mock scrape. Either way, both make for great scouting tools when used in conjunction with a game camera. The end of October is the period when scrapes […]

Hunting Tips for Taking a Thanksgiving Week Buck

Hunting Tips For Taking A Thanksgiving Week Buck

Hunting Tips for thanksgiving week Thanksgiving week is here and it could not have arrived at a more perfect time. Let’s be honest there is not one hunter here that would take bickering over politics and catching up with family over a cold November hunt! Luckily the time off work aligns perfectly with an incredible […]

Mock Scrapes | How to Take Full Advantage of a Buck’s Weakness

Mock Scrapes | How To Take Full Advantage Of A Buck’s Weakness

Taking Advantage of Mock Scrapes With trail Cameras Deer season has arrived and with it the unmistakable frustration of not seeing deer during the first weeks of October. No, we are not talking about you only not seeing deer in the stand, but nearly everywhere, including on your trail cameras. This frustration comes at a […]