On-Demand Feature

On Demand Feature

On-Demand functionality allows users to capture photos and videos from anywhere, at anytime via the Command Pro app. Learn how to leverage this cutting-edge feature to enhance your cellular trail camera experience as Chris Dunkin, the in-house cellular trail camera authority with Stealth Cam and Muddy brands, along with the Command Pro mobile app, provides […]

3 Common Mistakes When Bowhunting Ground Blinds

3 Common Mistakes When Bowhunting Ground Blinds

With a massive acorn crop, two of my treestand setups that I had hung in late August were now in locations where deer movement was minimal. After looking at the weekend forecast, I knew I needed to be hunting in hopes of catching a mature buck up on his feet. Yet, deer movement was more […]

Tips And Tricks for Bowhunting in A Ground Blind

Tips And Tricks For Bowhunting In A Ground Blind

One of the biggest challenges bowhunters face is getting close enough to an animal to shoot accurately. This challenge thrills a bowhunter and drives them to put in hard work each season. When a hunter is trying to get an animal into a comfortable shooting range, they must devote the time and effort to get […]

What is the Best Hang and Hunt Setup for Deer Hunting?

What Is The Best Hang And Hunt Setup For Deer Hunting?

How to effectively Use a Hang and Hunt Setup There are so many different kinds of deer hunting strategies you can use during the season. From spot and stalk approaches to deer drives to setting up in ambush locations, there’s something for nearly everyone. But depending on the tree cover and habitat in your hunting […]

Tips for Tagging an Early October Buck

Tips For Tagging An Early October Buck

Patterning Early Season Whitetails | October Deer Hunting Tips Hunting seasons all across the country have opened up and hunters are heading to the field in hopes of having an opportunity at a target buck before the rut goes into full swing.  We took a few minutes and asked some reputable hunters in the whitetail […]

Best Trail Camera Strategies for Your Summer

Best Trail Camera Strategies For Your Summer

Trail Camera Strategies to Start This Summer Shop Muddy Trail Cameras Trail Camera Strategies to Start This Summer It’s not quite as simple as just throwing out a few trail cams in the woods and seeing what walks by. Sure, you could try that approach and you might get to see some wildlife eventually. But […]

How To: Deer Hunting Cold Fronts in October

How To: Deer Hunting Cold Fronts In October

Deer Hunting Cold Fronts Have you got the rhythm down yet? Are you back in the saddle so to speak?  When it comes to bow hunting it feels like it can take a week or two to finally get used to waking up earlier, master walking quietly across parched leaves, and perfect the art of […]