On Demand Feature

On-Demand Feature

On-Demand functionality allows users to capture photos and videos from anywhere, at anytime via the Command Pro app. Learn how to leverage this cutting-edge feature to enhance your cellular trail camera experience as Chris Dunkin, the in-house cellular trail camera authority with Stealth Cam and Muddy brands, along with the Command Pro mobile app, provides a comprehensive rundown of its features and benefits.


On-Demand imaging is available on select new camera models with modes for both photo + video capture (Matrix) or photo only (Mitigator).

New cameras for 2023

Get the latest in trail camera technology from Muddy Outdoors. Check out these brand new camera models packed with features like On-Demand imaging, automatic dual-network connection over Verizon and AT&T, adjustable PIR sensitivity, and next-level image quality.


Muddy’s best price-to-performance cellular trail camera has arrived. The new Mitigator Cellular Camera fits any budget while delivering everything a hunter needs to inventory and pattern trophy bucks, including sharp 24MP imaging, a long-reach 80-foot detection and flash range for broad area coverage of your hunting area, and a RUB decoration that disappears into the landscape.


The new Matrix Cellular Camera delivers all the top-end features your hard-earned money demands, such as high-resolution 36MP imaging, rich 1080P full HD video with audio, and a long-reach 80-foot detection and flash range for broad area coverage of your hunting area.

With the new Command Pro app, you can keep in touch with the Matrix via your mobile device—anytime, anywhere and our new ON DEMAND function allows you to send a command to the camera to immediately capture photos and video of your hunting area in real time. Cellular reception can be problematic in remote areas and our new Automatic Network Coverage feature chooses the strongest Verizon or AT&T cell signal to make sure you have uninterrupted communication to your mobile device.