Muddy wants all of our hunters to have not only a memorable, but safe experience. To ensure your personal safety, please take the time to carefully read the instruction manual included with your Muddy product before attempting any set-up, installation, or use of the product. Each manual includes vital information on the safe installation and use of the product; Failure to thoroughly read and understand the manual may result in serious injury or death.

For your safety, we recommend that you never modify your stand in any way by repairing or altering, adding, or attaching anything to it unless explicitly authorized in writing by us. We highly recommend replacing any and all parts with genuine Muddy replacement parts to prevent voiding your warranty as well as resulting in serious injury or death.

Each Muddy product is designed with function, simplicity and safety in mind. We think you’ll agree that the details and functionality of our products set them apart in a crowded industry. Our gear is designed from a hunting standpoint and field tested during the hunting season. It not only has to look good on paper, it has to perform in the field. Safety is our number one design feature at Muddy. Each product is thoroughly tested both in the field and in the lab. As a member of the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA), Muddy has our entire product line tested by an independent laboratory to TMA specifications. As a participating member of the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA), Muddy prominently displays the TMA certification logo on the boxes of our products.

*Note: You can find a copy of the instruction manual for our current models on our website by visiting the page corresponding to your product. If you have a model not found online, you can request a copy at no charge from our customer service department; please have the model and serial/batch number of your stand to reference the correct instruction manual. Additionally, if you’ve read the entire instruction manual and have any questions or concerns, you may contact our customer service department for full assistance with your product. You can call us toll free at 877-269-8490 or email us at [email protected].


What is the warranty policy for Muddy’s treestands, ladderstands, and other accessory products?

Our standard policy covers your Muddy product for a period of twelve months from the original date of purchase for any manufacturing defects. We strongly suggest you register your product so we have your purchase information on file.

Where are Muddy products made?

Since 1977, our office site in Windom, Minnesota is where management, engineering, marketing, sales, customer service, and shipping are all located. Our box blinds are manufactured in the U.S., where our steel products are imported from our factories overseas. All of our products are specified to our quality standards and are inspected before they leave this location.

Are products available for purchase direct from Muddy?

You can find our products available for purchase direct on our website or by calling us at 877-269-8490. Products purchased direct are subject to sales taxes, shipping, and handling fees. Orders are processed Monday – Friday during normal business hours. Our offices are closed over the weekend and holidays. However, you can also locate our products at any of our superior dealers. To request dealers in your area, you can click here.

Are replacement parts available?

We are unable to fulfill certain requests for liability reasons. If a part is damaged or misplaced on a newly purchased product, please return to the retailer for service.

Can I return or exchange an order to Muddy directly?

Muddy does not accept returns or exchanges. If you have questions before placing an order, be sure to contact our customer service department for assistance.

Are ladder extensions available?

Muddy ladderstands are manufactured at heights that are effective, and still pass safety certifications. For safety reasons, height extensions are not available as this would be a modification to the design, void the warranty, and put the user at risk of serious injury or death.

What kind of harness should I use with my treestand or ladderstand?

We are very serious about your personal safety. A full-body fall arrest harness is included with your treestand/ladderstand to be used at all time during the use of your stand. Single safety belt or chest harnesses have been deemed unsafe for use in climbing apparatus applications and may endanger your personal safety. Use the harness included with your product that meets or exceeds industry standards recognized by TMA. Using a product at elevated heights without use of a harness that meets or exceeds industry standards recognized by TMA may result in either serious injury or death.

Can I leave my Muddy product out in the woods all year?

It is not recommended to leave your product installed for more than two weeks (14 days). Any number of factors can jeopardize its installation and integrity. Animals, weather, vandals, or other environmental factors can negatively affect the performance or safe use of the product. Tree growth can stress and damage supporting straps, chains, and/or buckles. You should always inspect your stand for signs of wear, damage, deterioration, or vandalism before using it. Using your stand with any of this damage may result in serious injury or death. Damage caused by any of these factors is not covered by the warranty and replacement parts would need to be purchased.



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