GOMUDDY.COM National Sprint League 360 Series Launches in 2016!

Windom, MN (September 17, 2015) – The National Sprint League is pleased to announce for 2016 the GOMUDDY.COM 360 Sprint Car Series. The series is boasting a unique $500,000+ points fund called the “CASH BOWL”. Each driver competing in any GOMUDDY.COM NSL sanctioned events accumulates points and dollars based on their finishing position in the A feature. The unique structure allows a competitor to race in any region and participate in any given scheduled NSL event and accumulate points and dollars to be paid out of the “CASH BOWL”.

The “Cash Bowl” point structure has been established for regional events and also national events. The GOMUDDY.COM National Sprint League is well on its way to scheduling over 150+ regional events and 6+ National events. The National events will boast a $50,000 two-day purse and also four times “Cash Bowl” points.

Detailed information on the GOMUDDY.COM NSL 360 series is available on the website. Go to the “Rules/Downloads” page on the website for more information on minimum race purses, “Cash Bowl” awards and requirements.

To schedule your GOMUDDY.COM NSL events, contact NSL National Director Tommie Estes at 405-238-8485.

“I think we have come up with a great concept for all racers that will run NSL events around the country!” says Estes. “It’s going to be a very exciting year in 2016!”

“We are super excited to announce our GOMUDDY.COM NSL 360 series for 2016,” says series founder, Tod Quiring. “We have put together an extremely unique program for this series that will allow every NSL competitor in the country to compete in as many of our NSL sanctioned events as they desire and accumulate points and money to be paid as a bonus from our $500,000+ ‘Cash Bowl’. The NSL events will also be extremely affordable for the promoter. Our NSL series is very financially strong and we are planning to continue to add programs that are fan friendly and also give back to our loyal competitors. In our series the more you race the better you finish the more points you accumulate the more money you receive out of the ‘Cash Bowl’. This has been long overdue.”

National Sprint League

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