Essential Deer Hunting Camp Tips For Opening Weekend

Essential Deer Hunting Camp Tips for Opening Weekend

Depending on where you live and hunt, the term “deer camp” can mean very different things to different people. So what is deer camp? For some, a true deer hunting camp is something you have to experience in the backcountry with very little gear and modern conveniences. To others, it’s a tiny hunting cabin on private property with a generator, lots of snack food, and tall tales. And to others still, the word “camp” is used very loosely since they stay in luxurious lodges. But no matter what deer camp definition you choose, here are several deer hunting camp tips to make the most of this special time of the year. We spend a good chunk of the year dreaming about it and wishing it would return, and then before you can blink, it’s gone again. So get out and enjoy whatever time you have left at your version of deer camp.

10 Deer Hunting Camp Tips

To help you out, here are a few deer camp rules to live by this season, along with several deer hunting camp pictures to accompany them. Also, almost every camp has its own set of deer camp traditions – if your camp does, include them in these rules too.

1. Check, Check, Check!

Before you actually leave your house for deer camp, double or triple check that your hunting license and weapon (bow, crossbow, or firearm) are in the vehicle with you. If you have to drive a few hours away, then it’s definitely a bummer to realize this too late.

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2. Glamping at Deer Camp

If your idea of deer camp is on the fancy side, also make sure you bring all your devices and chargers with you. If you have trail cameras out, you can pull the cards and look at them on your laptop each evening. 

3. Coordinate Meals

If you hunt in a large party, try to coordinate meals ahead of time. Otherwise, meal times can get stressful. Have a plan of who is providing which meal and when so there can be no confusion and everyone can eat when dinner time finally comes. 

4.Camp Duties

Similarly, make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the camp duties. For example, if you provide a meal, you are responsible for cleanup, dishes, etc. while someone else tends to the other camp duties (such as splitting and stacking more firewood). 

5. Pack the Essentials

At most deer camps, you’ll find an assortment of food and beverages that aren’t the best for your digestive system. Take a proactive approach by bringing plenty of antacids, toilet paper, and field wipes. After several days of eating these foods, the shacks, campers, or tents can get a little ripe.

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6. Plan Ahead for Sleeping Conditions

It also seems that no matter which camp you stay at, you will find a snorer among the group. If you end up bunking next to them, make sure you’ve got some ear plugs packed so you won’t be kept awake all night. This can be one of the most important deer hunting camp tips to keep you alert during your hunt.

7. Camp Vs. Hunting Clothing

As you lounge about camp at night, you’ll probably have lots of aromas floating around – smoke from the fire, smells of foods, and even gas fumes from filling up the generator. You shouldn’t be wearing your hunting clothing around camp if you can avoid it, simply because deer can smell all of these scents when you sit in the woods. Keep a separate set of clothing for camp wear only.

8. Stick to a Plan

If you have several tree stand options, talk about your plans and make sure everyone is clear on where they are going. You don’t want to ruffle feathers by ruining someone else’s prime time rut hunt. Especially if it’s because you didn’t know they were in the tree stand you wanted to hunt. This gets even more important when you know there is a mature buck lurking near that stand.

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9. Help Out!

If someone in your party fills their tag (particularly younger or older hunters), volunteer to get out of your stand and go help them. Many hands make light work, and this applies to moving mature bucks too.

10. LAst One up

It seems this is one of the most ignored deer hunting camp tips. The last one to sleep at night should turn off the generator or stoke the wood stove one more time. Without exception.

There you have it. A few of these are obviously funny deer camp rules, but hopefully these deer hunting camp tips will help you keep the peace and make the most of deer camp yet this season.