Camera Arms | Which Camera Arm Is Right For You?

Camera Arms | Which Camera Arm Is Right For You?

Which Muddy Camera Arm Is Right For You?

Every year more and more deer hunters are taking to the woods with cameras. Filming your deer hunt is now a common practice among hunters. With deer season just around the corner, and pre-season preparation coming to an end, one final thing on your to do list may be to prepare to film your own deer hunts. This would mean purchasing a camera, a camera arm, and getting prepared to start filming your hunts this year. In this case you are looking for camera arms and you need suggestions for this fall.

When it comes to camera arms buying the right one for the job is critical. Why? If you are just beginning to film hunts, or this will be the first year you try your hand at filming deer hunts you may wonder that, but experience will tell you that the entire production depends on the camera arm. It is the base of your hunt. Ensuring that you have a solid base and reliable camera arm, will ensure you actually enjoy filming your hunts. Take a look at Muddy’s camera arms to see which is right for you. Keep in mind, what camera you will be purchasing, who or what you are filming for, and how much “stuff” you want to take in the tree. If you need help deciding on those tips, check out the blog below.

Which Hunting Camera Arms Are Right For you?

Which of these camera arms are right for you? You may have a difficult time answering this question so here is what you should look for…


  • Setup: Camera arms should be easy to set up, 3 step process at most. This process should be hang the base, attach the arm, and level the head. If camera arms need any more steps than this, such as tightening down wing nuts or bolts, you will be wasting time in the tree, making noise, and have a better chance at dropping something from the tree.
  • Easy to carry: Once you gain experience filming with camera arms you will find out quickly that lightweight yet simple arms are easiest. The best way to carry it into the stand is simply have the entire unit, including the fluid head together, and simply attach it to your backpack. When you get up in the tree simply put the base on, and attach the arm.
  • Smooth: Camera arms must be smooth for fluid pans and flawless filming on the camera arm’s part. This means a sturdy base and hinges upon a camera arms ability to hold the weight of your camera, the fluid head, and the mic plus any other accessories on the camera.
  • Silent: Camera arms that are noisy, and not well thought out are not a good choice. Moving parts such as unconstructed bases, especially with bare metal exposed make for very loud camera arms. Muddy’s outfitter and hunter camera arms are 2 piece units that are coated to cut down on noise and any potential hiccups you might have.

If you are looking to start filming your own deer hunts this year you will need to start shopping for camera arms. Take these considerations into account, and remember your entire production and film starts with the base…a camera arm.