Box Blinds Score Sheet | What To Look For In A Hunting Box Blind

Box Blinds Score Sheet | What to Look for In A Hunting Box Blind

Box Blinds Reviews, Considerations, and Score Sheet

Hunting box blinds can bridge the gap in many hunting situations. Whether it is a food plot, a giant Ag field, or simply a great spot for a permanent stand, box blinds are your best bet. Out of everything a hunter can possibly hunt out of, be it a tree stand, ground blind, or a brush blind, box blinds are always the most impressive and desired. Why? Simply do the fact that hunting box blinds are durable, comfortable, and above all functional. They can bridge the gap where tree stands and ground blinds cannot, giving you an elevated and concealing platform.

While hunters might, generally speaking on box blinds, think that all are “made the same”, they could not be further from the truth. When you are looking to purchase a box blind for hunting, you should be considering a multitude of factors. These box blinds factors, individually diagnosed will give you a clue to whether or not a box blind is worth the buy or not. In some cases what you pay for is and is not applicable here. Running through the following considerations will tell you what kind of hunting box blinds you should invest in.

Box Blind Score Sheet

The following list provides detailed factors that should go into your considerations before purchasing a box blind. These are basics, and will provide you with score sheet so to speak, to rate each brand and box blind you come across in your research.

Rugged Construction

Description: A box blind with rugged construction, is a box blind that can stand up to years of wear and tear, inside and out. This means the box blind must be constructed with more than just a plastic shell. Multiple layered wall panels that take into consideration warmth, insulation, noise, as well as wind and weather proofing is a point added in the right direction. While this should be a given, inspecting a box blind’s construction process and the materials it is built with is often overlooked. However, the construction of the blind is the base from which your hunt will be built upon. Quality is well worth judging in this aspect. Ultimately the base is worth some play in judgement, with 2 points, giving you the ability to assign a blind the score of a 0-2.

Points Possible: 2

Scoring: 0 = Very poor, 1 = Bare minimum, 2= Well-built and thought out


Description: Window height, size, operation, and function all need to be considered before purchasing a box blind. The ideal window in a box blind should have the ability to be operated with one hand, should be silent, should give you plenty of shooting options for both gun hunting and bow hunting, and should have a seal for weather and scent. Another consideration is window material. Plexiglass scratches easy and can warp overtime, glass however is less likely to be scratched and can be cleaned very easy when fog and weather are present. This is where differences in box blinds can stand out, as it is clear which blinds are well thought out, and which are acceptable at best.

Points Possible: 1

Scoring: 0 = Acceptable placement, material, operation, and size, 1= Well thought out placement, material, operation, and size


Description: Does the quality of the door matter? Ask yourself what is the biggest battle you face when hunting out of box blinds? Getting in and out of the blind silently! Door size and construction makes the difference for a hunt started off right by allowing you to sneak in silently. The door construction should be easy to operate, able to sit solid through any wind or weather, easy to operate, sealed for scent and rain, and of course silent.

Points Possible: 1

Scoring: 0 = No noise buffering, 1 = Slight buffering, 2 = Very quiet/great noise buffering


Description: Space is a big deal for hunting box blinds. The majority of the time, hunters are looking into purchasing a box blind for hunting with multiple hunters. Whether it is taking youth hunters out, hunting with a spouse, or hunting with friends, you need space for multiple hunters. Space allows you to be comfortable but also have the room to maneuver for shots, and draw a bow back when needed.

Points Possible: 2

Scoring: 0 = 1-2 people, 1 = 3-4 people


Description: Scent control is vital in most hunting situations, especially when hunting from an elevated box blind. How do you combat scent control in a box blind? Box blinds can combat scent control by having well-sealed and thought out blind features. The doors and windows of a box blind do not have to be necessarily air tight, but it needs to be as close as possible to seal in human odor to manage your scent properly. Being able to operate the windows with the certainty that no scent is leaking in an unwanted area is key. If scent is a great concern such as the early season, then leaving the windows close greatly reduces your scent footprint, only if the blind is well sealed. A well-sealed blind that keeps scent to a minimum could take the extra step in providing hunting opportunities such as the wrong wind direction.

Points Possible: 1

Scoring: 0 = No Seal, 1 = Sealed well


Description: Box blinds need to be quiet period. Noise can amplify in a blind setting. Dropping hunting gear, dropping a window, closing the door to hard…these are all mistakes a hunter makes often. Before purchasing a box blind you should consider whether or not that noise will sound like a quiet and soft thud, or a loud amplifying noise that could potentially clear game out of the area. How do box blinds combat the noise factor? Construction and insulation that is well thought out go a long way. Simple plastic walls will be loud, but multiple insulated layers, seals on windows and doors, and carpeting throughout the blind can keep noise to a minimum.

Points Possible: 2

Scoring: 0 = No noise buffering, 1 = Slight buffering, 2 = Very quiet/great noise buffering


Description: Comfort is a critical feature when it comes to selecting box blinds. Why is comfort so important? The simplest answer is that box blinds can afford to be extremely comfortable, and it is expected out of them. . Box blinds are somewhat permanent hunting settings that you expect will give you what you have paid for. This means the ultimate form of comfort and functionality. Misplaced windows, a hard platform, misplaced shelves, or a misplaced rest can make hunting slightly uncomfortable, which is unnecessary when purchasing such a large hunting setup and item such as a box blind.

Points Possible: 2

Scoring: 0 = uncomfortable, 1 = acceptable, 2 = Extremely comfortable

Box Blinds Score: _ / 10

Chances are you have been looking at box blinds, or you are currently running one through this score sheet, what did it score out of the 10 possible points?

We had two hunters run through the blind score sheet on the Muddy Bull Box Blinds. Not just any hunters however, two that have years’ worth of experience and plenty of that time spent in box blinds. Below is Mark and Terry Drurys’ review of the Muddy Bull Box Blind.

The Muddy Bull Box Blind's Score Sheet

Mark and Terry Drury have run the Muddy Bull Box Blind through the score sheet. The Muddy Bull came out with a perfect score. See for yourself and run the Muddy Bull through the score sheet.

  • Rugged Construction = 2
  • Windows = 1
  • Doors = 1
  • Space = 1
  • Noise = 2
  • Scent = 1
  • Comfort = 2
  • Muddy Bull Score = 10/10

Deer season is almost upon us. As you begin to plant fall food plots, run trail cameras, and setup stands and blinds, think of an un-huntable area that could be successfully hunted with a box blind. A spot that could use an elevated platform, giving you comfort and a place to take your friends and family this fall. If you like the idea and are looking to purchase a box blind, run each consideration through this box blind score sheet. Interested in the Muddy Bull Box Blind? Before you buy, take a look at the construction process start to finish.

Muddy Bull Construction Video