Muddy Testimonials

I brought the Muddy Bull so I and my grand kids can enjoy hunting from a safe and comfortable stand.

Tony Kraft Sr.Seymour, WI

Replaced an old homemade stand, wow, never knew what I was missing….Super quiet, holds scent inside, warm….could not ask for anything more in a deer blind. Easy to spend the day hunting. Perfect windows for all around view.
Thanks Muddy

Marc MaloneTen Mile, Tennessee

I have been using your trees stands for 6 years now. I absolutely love the way it adjustable the tree, the room it provides, and most important the comfort. The foot rest and seat make all day sits possible. Thanks for the best tree stands made. I own 5!

Travis HammonsVernal, Utah

Shot a buck my first time in!

Randy SietsemaIowa Falls, Iowa

I was looking for a box blind for deer hunting and was advised to check out the Go Muddy blinds. Once I saw the Bull I knew it was what I was going to get. I got it just before deer season and son and son-in-law got it all set up for me. It was great using it for deer season. It has the 10 ft tower and was easy getting up and down the ladder with the rail. The blind was so quiet and comfortable. I have two young grandchildren who already like to hunt, so this will be great for them to come and hunt in the blind with me. I know it will be used many times in the future.

Patty SingerHartsburg, MO

Great hunting blind, very well constructed. Great for hunting with my boys!

Bruce ChislerBlacksville, WV

Great blind setup was a easy very Nice quality would recommend.

James HartmanOscoda, Michigan

If you’re in the market for a new safety harness, the Crossover Combo is a great purchase. We film our hunts and find that we never have enough pockets for all the equipment we take with us. The Crossover Combo goes beyond a normal harness and includes pockets for additional, easily accessible storage space. It’s very comfortable, quiet, and built to last – definitely recommend!

Mark & Devyn PitlickBloomfield, Iowa

My wife and I started filming a couple years ago and hadn’t found a good camera arm until we came upon the Outfitter Camera Arm. It’s perfect for a mid-weight camera. We find it incredibly easy to assemble especially when you’re setting up in the dark. It allows for all angles of shooting and the adjustments to be able to customize your shot angle. The camera arm is quiet and moves very smoothly. We would recommend this product to anyone filming their hunts.

Mark & Devyn PitlickBloomfield, Iowa

We purchased several of the Muddy Boss XL tree stands last year. Having used them during the last month, we can without a doubt say, we won’t ever use another brand. We are very impressed with how comfortable and quiet they are. One of the things we noticed was the Boss XL did not creak or pop in cold weather like other stands tend to. It is also very easy to hang and assemble when preparing for the hunting season.

Mark & Devyn PitlickBloomfield, Iowa

We’ve had our girls up in the Muddy Bull Blind and they love it as much as we do!

Robin LisdahlFoxboro, WI

Surpasses all other blinds on the market!

Chad LisdahlFoxboro, WI

Just purchased a Muddy Bull Box blind a couple of weeks ago and got it set up this past weekend. Easy to set up and install. Lots of room on the inside, well built box blind. Looking forward to hunting out of it this winter.

Kevin BeaverOakland, Tennessee

This past weekend we decided to spend the money on a permanent blind and do it right – Go Muddy, or stay home! The local store had sold the tower and only had the blind. After making a call, we drove 100 miles to another store to buy both, but their blind was baddly damaged (apparently dropped). Fortunately they agreed to sell us the tower. The next day we pulled out trailer load to our hunting camp and were anxious to get it up. After two hours of more scouting and analyzing conditions for best permanent location – 360 visibility, deer gun, deer bow, coyote, turkeys, spring flooding, level ground, future food plot planning, strategic access under different wind conditions in the dark, through the snow, etc, etc …. I got my way. ;o) We were very impressed with the weight, strength and design of the tower. Assembly is definitely a two-person-with-skid steer-undertaking! It also helped to follow the directions closely and have the best tools for the job. Hardest part? Searching for nut and lock washers dropped in the tall grass. (Do you offer marriage counseling for couples who tackle joint assembly?) This blind is fabulous! Well designed, well built, sturdy, insulated comfort, but most importantly, it is ideally functional and offers us the best opportunity to observe and capture wild game of all sorts and sizes. We will add the blackout/camo screen package for the windows, bow hook and another Muddy chair. Looking forward to an occasional cat nap in our bull blind too!

Cody Kay StrothmanBismarck, North Dakota

My first blind. Loving it. Standing it up is a little difficult.

Randy OliverLancaster, Ohio

I had one installed on my Illinois farm. It is well built and easy to set up. It has good all around vision.

Gary SimpkinsEgg Harbor Township, NEW JERSEY

Best blind I could find. Easy to assemble tower. Will need several guys to stand it up Love the blind.

Steve OliverLancaster, Ohio

If you want comfort buy a muddy! I’m a bow hunter and they work great and are built well!

Nathaniel HarmonDallas, WI

Just got the blind with 10ft tower set up today. Looks great and built right. Should be able to endure many years of use.

Payden StewartHaskell, TX

I have used a lot of trail cameras some very expensive. None have ever took pictures like your camera I ordered. Yes I had my doubts at $69.00. And easy on battery life. Wow what a great product!!!!!

Chuck FryeWhite Oak, WV

Looking forward to use my new bull blind

Frank Schmidt

The Muddy Bull Blind has worked well for us at our ranch. The structure is very well built, and quiet. The stand is sturdy and well designed.
We were able to take out several coyotes on our first use of the blind.

Peter Wiltse

Great product! Quiet, windows operate super easy, great on controlling scent. After 3 back and 3 shoulder surgeries, I can’t do tree stands any longer. Your blind puts me back in the air with ease and comfort.

Brian Hayes

The Muddy® Bull Box Blind Combo is the best box blind currently on the market. Like most box blinds on the market today, assembly of the tower is straight forward and is quick if you have an impact wrench to tighten all the nuts.The vertical windows are great for using a vertical bow and the horizontal windows are wide enough to use a crossbow. The blind is insulated and the windows are extremely quiet when opened. What separates The Bull Box Blind from the others on the market is the accessories Muddy® has for The Bull Box Blind. The Bull Box Blind comes with a shelf with a built in cup holder. On the underside of the shelf, there are two holes drilled with thread inserts to add in accessory hooks. The shelf is also designed to hold a towel dowel and there is a gun rest designed into the shelf. Muddy® also made the carpet removable for easy cleaning. In addition to the accessories built into The Bull Box Blind, Muddy® sells a bow holder than can be mounted in various spots in the blind. Muddy® also sells a window curtain kit that not only has a camouflaged see through layer, but it also has a black out layer with a small flap that can be opened to see out of if one needs to see out of the blacked out window. Without the accessories, The Muddy® Bull Box Blind Combo is a run of the mill box blind, with the accessories Muddy® has built into The Bull Box Blind and with the additional accessories Muddy® sells for The Bull Box Blind, The Bull Box Blind is, without a doubt, the best box blind currently on the market.

Jason Krautkramer

Great size stand. Nice large windows. Well constructed.

Theresa Gibson

I did lengthy research in box blinds for the past couple years. I finally made a decision that Muddy was the best on the market. Not only am I excited to hunt out of it… 7-year-old son is super-excited!! Lets go hunt!!!!

Brent Lindner

I really like the design of the Bull Box since I bow and rifle hunt. The windows are easy to open and very quite. I going to purchase another one soon.

Kevin Carlton

I received my Bull box blind with the 10 foot tower kit September 16 2016. Assembly of the tower was VERY EASY. Just me and another friend. I did get a bit overwhelmed when I saw ALL the bolts,nuts, washers and lock washers but the directions were very easy to understand. I had a buddy with a skid steer and fork lift attachment lifted the tower up right and did some minor tweaking to get it level. Then lifted the Muddy bull box blind alignment of the 4 mounting was fairly EASY. I was surprised at how EASY this whole process was to assemble, we are just two regular guys. Excellent made products and craftsmanship you folks produce at Muddy! I have already hunted in my Muddy bull box blind, man is it real quiet inside! Archery season in Oklahoma started October 1st and it was 82 degrees I open the two side windows and the door window and specifically left the front windows closed as they were facing my food plot, the reason why I left them closed is because I was hunting with a crossbow and I DID NOT have it cocked back and ready, I experimented to see if the deer could hear me cocking the crossbow, which makes a pretty good amount of noise. Those two does NEVER heard me! I opened the front window with one hand operation, just like you advertise and works excellent! And I harvested my first deer of the season on October 3rd 2016. When you are in this blind you don’t need all that fancy camouflage and sent blocker products. I was wearing shorts and a bright red shirt, that was PROOF that your Muddy bull box blind has excellent scent block . Your product is well worth the price!!! And I highly recommend this product! Owning this blind give you a SERIOUS ADVANTAGE over Mother Nature, and placed in the right spot for animal activity will increase your chances of harvesting your game.
Thank you for an Excellent made product.

Robert MajewskiMoore, Oklahoma

I love my Muddy Bull Blind. The vertical windows makes bow hunting out of it very effective.

Jason Lowry

This is without a doubt the most well thought out blind on the market. Very well constructed . I am looking forward to using it this season.

Patrick O’Malley

After the purchase of a brand new 55 acre farm in Northwest Wisconsin, what better idea than to load the farm with some brand new Muddy Huntsman ladder stands?!! With the use of our Muddy Camera Arms, we plan to provide some excellent feedback and testimonials for the Muddy Brand. #TeamMuddy

Jake Polk

I just picked up my new bull tower blind the day before opening of Iowa bow season. I’m really excited about getting it set up and hunting out of it. I’m really impressed with the quality of the construction and I know that I will be hunting out of it for many years to come.

Gary Eischen

I just received my Muddy bull blind. I’m headed out this weekend to put it up for my little girl. She is 7 and ready to kill her first deer with her crossbow. Your product is the only blind that I feel comfortable enough to shoot a crossbow out of along with keeping my child comfortable in adverse weather conditions.

Bob Powell

I just received my Muddy Bull Box Blind. After looking at other box blinds on the market, yours is by far, the best built out there. Great shot placement and easy access from all angles. Thank you for building a quality product, with the hunter in mind. I look forward to many seasons of memories and quality time hunting with my daughters.

Joe Donadio

Best quality blind I could find.

Dale Sader

Just received my box blind and have not set it up as yet but am very satisfied in the quality and love the way the windows open so easy and the built in shelf for holding all my hunting equipment I carry, would highly encourage anyone I know to purchase one of these blinds. Thank you Muddy

DeEttee Rian

This is by far the best blind out there. I have been shopping and comparing blinds for over a year and nothing is as good as this blind. Need to have the proper equipment to set it up but what a blind. Height, door, windows, insulation, design, sturdy, accessories, and comfortable. Look forward to even more innovations and buying a few more. Go Muddy or Go Home.

Russell Roberson

Muddy Team,

I recently purchased one of The Bull box blinds and towers along with the Muddy chairs for the blind and the window coverings. When I received the first blind it had some damage on it and I sent it back right away. Although it was difficult to talk to someone directly and get questions answered right away everything was taken care of with not too many questions asked, which was greatly appreciated(Thank you Jenna)!

I did not plan on buying a Muddy box blind due to the price but after looking at multiple other box blinds on the market it was very evident who was making the best box blind out there. Thanks for making great products and overall having good customer services. It would be nice if it was a little easier to talk with someone on your end in the future with issues.

I look forward to hunting out of the blind with my 5 year old son and his grandpa and his great grandpa. It is going to be very comfortable and hopefully aids us in shooting bigger bucks!!

The outdoors is all about having great times with friends and family and creating memories that will last forever. You at Muddy are creating great products to help with that!!

Thank you

Aaron Sommerfeldt

Aaron Sommerfeldt

Great blind, replaced a home made version. Looking forward to a dry easy to hunt from blind.

Jeff State

This year I got my first Muddy and tower. Looking forward to hunting out of it.

Mark Killick

Got my Muddy Box Blind ready for the season!!! I’m so excited to have such a weather resistant blind to stay a little warmer in, my old bones can’t take the cold for that long anymore!!!! I will also be nice to take my grand children with me and they can at least wiggle a little bit!! Sure it will last for many years!!

Laurie VonSeggern

Awesome blind…very durable…spacious…my hunting will be much more enjoyable because of my muddy tower!

Connie Anderson

I’ve been looking at numerous blinds for years and the Muddy Bull definitely caught my attention. This blind is built like a tank and has all the bells and whistles for gun and bow hunting. Being air-tight and quiet as a mouse, this blind adds a whole now dimension to my game plan for many falls to come.

Kody Vaassen

The concepts of this box blind have impressed me more than any of the previous box blinds I have used. I have used many.

Tim Kritzer

Just received my blind this weekend. I am excited about setting it up. Perfect blind to teach my grandchildren to hunt from while keeping this old man comfortable. My wife thinks she might want to sit with me in it too.

Jeffrey Rewitzer

This is the best blind I’ve ever hunted out of. The windows were a great idea and they’re very quiet to use. All in all this is a great quality blind that I’ll be hunting out of for the years to come!

Nathan Pritchard

I purchased the muddy bull blind for my farm on 8/5/16. I plan on getting it set up asap. I bought the blind to spoil myself and my family and friends. I am very excited to get it up and to hunt out of it.

Chad Buck

Nice blind. Nice price. I need extra keys. Thanks.

Brent Hoehns

The Muddy Bull Box Blind is named adequately because this thing is a BULL! Very impressed with the construction and can’t wait to hunt of this blind for the next 20 years!!

Brett Morris

Great work guys, love your stuff!

Tayler Riggen