Platform Leveler: The best platform leveling system in the industry.  Pull the knob and slide the leveler to the desired location.  A level platform provides for a much safer hunt.  More angle adjustment than our competitors keeps you in the tree longer.


Boomerang Cleat: Proprietary tree cleat allows for side-to-side adjustment on leaning trees to ensure a rock solid attachment.  Stay safe and secure in the tree you want to hunt from instead of hunting from a tree that your stand will mount in.


Waterproof Seat: All Muddy® seats are waterproof and contain our revolutionary, triple layer inner foam core.  Compare our seat to any other on the market and you'll literally see the difference.


Safe, solid, easy-to-position and comfortable.  Starting with our commitment to safety, we are a participating member of the TMA (Treestand Manufacturers Association) and our products are tested to industry standards by an independent laboratory.  Continuing with that goal, we also offer FREE strap replacement every three years.  We want to encourage you, our customer, to check your stands and replace your straps as needed.  

Note: All stands rated to 300lbs. User and gear must not exceed this weight limit.

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