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Box Blinds | Muddy Outdoors

The quality line of Muddy hunting products recently expanded yet again. With the addition of a brand new box blind for 2017, the Gunner box blind now joins the ranks of the top notch hunting products now available to hunters. Muddy’s box blinds the Bull and the Gunner, both abide by Muddy’s tradition of offering features that go above and beyond hunter’s expectations. Check out the box blinds below and their features that out-compete any other hunting blind on the market. If you are wanting to become a box blind dealer scroll down to the dealer information.


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The Bull Box Blind

The Muddy Bull Box Blind is the pinnacle of blind advancement in the hunting industry. It is hands down the best box blind on the market. Besides the insulation, rugged construction, window placement, dead quiet features,  and numerous hunter driven structures like a built in gun rest, what separates the Bull Box Blind is the accessories that can accompany it. With a host of built in mounting options for accessory hooks and holders, the fixtures create the ideal setup for hunting. Overall the Bull provides a comfortable, solid hunting setup ideal for all hunting blind applications!

The Bull’s Features

  • Insulated Design provides Thermal, Scent, AND Noise Control!
  • Solid Floor and Heavy Duty Roof
  • EZ One-Hand Window Design
  • Ultra-Quiet Window Latches
  • Large Interior
  • Durable Carpet
  • 1 Shelf for Comfort and Organization
  • Drink Holder and Cubby Box Included
  • Molded Threaded Inserts Included in Each Shelf for Accessory use
  • Full-Size Door, with Lockable keyed entry

The Gunner Box Blind

The Gunner box blind is the younger brother of the Muddy Bull box blind. From the same genetic pool, the Gunner features all of the bells and whistles of its older brother, the Muddy Bull, just in a smaller package. This offers hunters the same superior quality they have come to expect from the Muddy Bull Blind, now in a smaller and more budget friendly blind!

The Gunner’s Features

  • Floor: Joist and Sheeting
  • Walls: Therma-Tek Panels offering thermal, scent and noise control
  • Roof: Sheeting and Plastic, Heavy-Duty Molded Roof
  • Windows: Residential Quality Glass and All Steel Hardware, EX one-handed window design
  • Blind Dimensions: 4’ Square x 7’ Tall
  • Door: 30”W x 70”T with lockable entry
  • Windows: 33” Wide x 13” Tall
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